Forum and Mailings

For staff, students and local collaborators:

MMB Forum

We have created a MMB Forum Site on Office 365 SharePoint, that will provide a space for storing and sharing files and hope you will find this useful over the coming months so perhaps add it as a bookmark in your browser. We are looking at setting up discussion groups, shared readings etc. so this should be a space to keep an eye and contribute to.

It also comes with a forum email address ( that all members can post to and all can access.

Stop receiving emails in inbox– If at any time you want to continue your membership but stop receiving emails from the forum to your inbox you can do this in Outlook – instructions. You will still be able to see the emails by clicking on the groups/grp-MMB in Outlook and under conversations on the Sharepoint site.

To leave the group –  if you want to leave the group entirely you can do this in Outlook – instructions.

To join the group –  The MMB Forum is primarily for UoB staff but we realise that some local collaborators have found it useful to be part of the forum and therefore may request access. If you would like to join this group please request access.

Things to do:

  • Set up a bookmark for the Forum site in your browser – MMB forum group
  • Request access if you haven’t already received a welcome email
  • Check in Outlook that you can see ‘Grp-MMB’ in your Groups and that you are ‘following in inbox’ if you wish to do this – by clicking on the MMB icon and selecting the option here
  • If you would like send an email to the MMB membership then remember the address is now:

MMB Internal News Digest

Some members want to see a regular round-up of the MMB announcements and news. We will aim to send a Digest every month (and more often during busy periods) via Mail Chimp. Again this is primarily aimed at a UoB and local collaborators.  If you would like to subscribe please complete the online form.

Quarterly News Updates:

MMB External Newsletter

We intend to do a quarterly newsletter that will go to everyone on the Mail Chimp list but is mainly aimed at showcasing all migration related work from UoB to an external and international audience. Please complete the online form if you wish to subscribe.