MMB Online Short Courses Coming Soon!

To be launched in Autumn 2020 – The MMB Online Short Course: Essentials will guide you through some of the most interesting and important material available on migration. It has been designed to give you tools to analyse your own assumptions about migration as well as popular claims and assertions, and to help you develop your own ideas and contribute to debates. This free introduction to migration will take approximately six hours and can be completed at your own pace.

Registration to open in Autumn 2020 – The MMB Online Short Course: Premium is a six week, interactive, taught course that we hope to run from May 2021. It will be of interest to the general public and people working in a migration related field or interested in doing so. This Premium course will have live lectures, interactive debate and panel discussions. It will introduce you to MMB and international experts and covers topics including migration and race, histories of asylum, digitalisation and migration, and trafficking. You will join the ‘Class of 2021’ thematic sub groups giving you the opportunity to engage with fellow participants a range of backgrounds and experiences and intervene in migration conversations via the MMB website.

MSc Migration and Mobility Studies

This highly relevant MSc in Migration and Mobility Studies provides advanced study on the complexities of mobility and the reasons why individuals migrate, as well as the various social, economic, legal and cultural challenges surrounding migration.

As a truly interdisciplinary programme, students benefit from a unique combination of perspectives from law, sociology, economics and politics, as well as modern languages, humanities and the arts.

There is a vast choice of optional units, from modern slavery to the migration of music, so you can tailor the programme to suit your skills and interests. As such, we are welcoming applicants from a wide variety of undergraduate disciplines who share an interest in this subject.

Listen to two 2019/2020 students, Ignacio Odriozola and Ella Barclay, talking about their experience of the course here.

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PhD Programmes

The following list of PhD programmes might be of relevance to scholars interested in migration and mobility related topics at the University of Bristol:

Sanctuary Scholarships

The Sanctuary Scholarship Scheme offers opportunities for those from refugee and asylum-seeking communities to study at the University of Bristol. The university recognises that individuals from forced migration backgrounds face additional barriers in accessing higher education and employment. The scholarships offer support towards the costs of higher education.

The scheme is now closed for applications for the 2020/21 cohort. For further information on the scheme can be found here.