ETHOS – Toward an empirically informed theory of justice and fairness ( is a Horizon 2020 project involving researchers at Migration Mobilities Bristol and five other institutes in the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Turkey. The project runs from January 2017 to December 2019.

‘Justice’ is a word that is widely used in politics and policies in many different countries and also in the European Union itself. We are interested in uncovering what different people ­–activists, policymakers, professionals, the person on the street– mean by ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ to better understand the possibilities of justice, and also why for some people it seems so difficult to achieve. The studies will inform a wide range of stakeholders (including, but not restricted to policymakers) about different understandings and experiences of justice with a view to supporting attempts to reverse inequalities and to promote justice.

The lead partner is the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. They were responsible for putting together the proposal and they coordinate the project as a whole as well as co-coordinating all work packages. In addition to the University of Bristol, the other partners are the Central European University in Hungary, University of Coimbra in Portugal, Bogadici University in Turkey and European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Austria.

Each partner is responsible for designing and co-ordinating a theme of the research. Bristol designs and co-ordinates various studies on ‘justice as lived experience’, focusing on issues of political representation, commodified care and welfare benefits. Each of our partners conducts a national case study on this topic, which we use to write a general paper (called ‘Deliverable’) discussing what the studies reveal about justice in contemporary Europe. We in turn contribute UK studies that other partners draw on to write their Deliverables.

Core Bristol team members

Researchers: Professor Bridget Anderson and Dr Pier-Luc Dupont, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Research administrative assistant: Dr Emily Walmsley, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies


Publications by Work Package:

Justice as lived experience

Work Package 5 Co-ordinator: University of Bristol

ANDERSON, Bridget, Claudia HARTMAN and Trudie KNIJN (2017) Conceptualisation and articulation of justice: Justice in social theory, ETHOS Deliverable 5.1.

ANDERSON, Bridget and Pier-Luc DUPONT (2018) How does it feel to be a problem?” What we can learn about justice as political representation from empirical case studies, ETHOS Deliverable 5.2.

Deliverable 5.2 included the following case studies:

AKKAN, Basak (2018) Roma and representative justice in Turkey, ETHOS WP 5.2.

ANDERSON, Bridget, Dora-Olivia VICOL, Pier-Luc DUPONT and Julia MORRIS (2018) Political representation and experienced recognition among Roma in the UK, ETHOS WP 5.2.

ANDERSON, Bridget, Sara ARAÚJO, Laura BRITO, Mehmet ERTAN, Jing HIAH, Trudie KNIJN, Isabella MEIER and Maddalena VIVONA (2018b) Reference document on the histories of minoritisation in Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom, ETHOS reference document 5.2.

ARAÚJO, Sara and Laura BRITO (2018) Tensions between institutionalised political justice and experienced (mis)recognition: Portuguese case study on the experiences of Roma communities, ETHOS WP 5.2.

HIAH, Jing and Trudie KNIJN (2018) Country report on the current and historical minoritization of Roma minorities in the Netherlands, ETHOS WP 5.2.

MEIER, Isabella and Maddalena VIVONA (2018) The tension between institutionalised political justice in Austria and Roma’s experienced (mis)recognition, ETHOS WP 5.2.

ZEMANDL, Eva (2018) The Roma experience of political (in)justice: The case of school (de)segregation in Hungary, ETHOS WP 5.2.

ANDERSON, Bridget (2018) Justice, care and personal assistance, ETHOS Deliverable 5.3.

Deliverable 5.3 included the following case studies:

AKKAN, Basak and Simla SERIM (2018) Commodified care relations: Elderly people with disabilities and migrant care workers in Turkey, ETHOS WP 5.3.

BRITO, Laura (2018) Being paid to care for or care about? National report – Portugal, ETHOS WP 5.3.

MEIER, Isabella (2018) ‘You really need to hold back, you are only the surrogate eye’: Personal assistance in Austria, ETHOS WP 5.3.

KNIJN, Trudie and Jing HIAH (2018) Competing claims of justice in the private household: The Dutch case, ETHOS WP 5.3.

VERES, Judit (2018) Left out in the cold: Informal home care in Hungary, ETHOS WP 5.3.

ANDERSON, Bridget and Pier-Luc DUPONT (2019) Just deserts? Justice, deservingness and social assistance, ETHOS Deliverable 5.5.

Deliverable 5.5 included the following case studies:

AKKAN, Basak and Simla SERIM (2019) Care allowance as a social assistance scheme in Turkey: Deservingness, mobility and just welfare state, ETHOS WP 5.5.

BRITO, Laura (2018) Social justice and the Portuguese welfare state – National report, ETHOS WP 5.5.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc, Bridget ANDERSON and Dora-Olivia VICOL (2019) Working for benefits: Deservingness and discrimination in the British social security system, ETHOS WP 5.5.

KNIJN, Trudie and Jing HIAH (2019) Coping with the Participation Act: Welfare experiences in the Netherlands, ETHOS WP 5.5.

MEIER, Isabella and Wanda TIEFENBACHER (2019) From social assistance to minimum benefits and back: Retrenchment of the welfare state in Austria, consequences, and ideas about justice, ETHOS WP 5.5.

VERES, Judit (2019) Dynamics of (un)employment: Welfare experiences in Hungary, ETHOS WP 5.5.


Struggles for justice

Work Package 6 Co-ordinator: University of Coimbra

DUPONT, Pier-Luc and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) UK report on the economic struggles of young mothers and migrant domestic workers, ETHOS WP 6.2.

KATSAROUMPAS, Ioannis (2019) UK report on social dialogue in wage setting, ETHOS WP 6.4.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc, Eleanor KIRK, Morag MCDERMONT and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) Promoting access to injustice? Alternative dispute resolution and employment relations in the UK, ETHOS WP 6.5.


Justice in public discourses

Work Package 4 Co-ordinators: Utrecht and Bogazici University

HARTMAN, Claudia, Pier-Luc DUPONT and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) UK report on the discursive construction of justice in politics, ETHOS WP 4.2.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2018)  Political discourses on educational justice and Muslims in the UK, ETHOS WP 4.3.

DIVALD, Susan (2019) The Trojan Horse Controversy: Mapping the construction of justice in UK media, ETHOS WP 4.4.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc and Bridget ANDERSON (2019) Imperial reminders: Arguing about statues and commemoration in Oxford, ETHOS WP 4.5.


Law as or against justice for all?

Work Package 3 Co-ordinators: Utrecht and Central European University

DUPONT, Pier-Luc  (2019)  The right to vote for disabled persons and citizens living abroad: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.4.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2019)  The right to housing for disabled persons and refugees: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.5.

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2019)  The right to education for disabled persons and religious minorities: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.6.


Overview of ETHOS studies:

PDF version of table available here.