ETHOS – Toward a European Theory of Justice and Fairness

ETHOS ( is a large European Union funded project involving research institutes in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, the UK and Turkey. The project runs from January 2017 to December 2019.

‘Justice’ is a word that is widely used in politics and policies in many different countries and also in the European Union itself. We are interested in uncovering what different people ­- activists, policymakers, professionals, the person on the street– mean by ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ to better understand the possibilities of justice, and also why for some people it seems so difficult to achieve. The study will inform a wide range of stakeholders (including, but not restricted to policymakers) about different understandings and experiences of justice with a view to supporting attempts to reverse inequalities and to promote justice.

The Bristol element of the Ethos Project

Researchers: Professor Bridget Anderson and Dr Pier-Luc Dupont, Research Associate, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies


[New] Pier-Luc Dupont and Bridget Anderson (2019) Imperial reminders:Arguing about statues and commemoration in Oxford, ETHOS WP 4.5

[New] Susan Divald (2019) The Trojan Horse Controversy: Mapping the construction of justice in UK media, ETHOS WP 4.4

DUPONT, Pier-Luc  (2019)  The right to vote for disabled persons and citizens living abroad: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.4

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2019)  The right to housing for disabled persons and refugees: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.5

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2019)  The right to education for disabled persons and religious minorities: UK report, ETHOS WP 3.6

KATSAROUMPAS, Ioannis (2019) UK report on social dialogue in wage setting, ETHOS WP 6.4

DUPONT, Pier-Luc, Eleanor KIRK, Morag MCDERMONT and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) Promoting access to injustice? Alternative dispute resolution and employment relations in the UK, ETHOS WP 6.5

DUPONT, Pier-Luc and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) UK report on the economic struggles of young mothers and migrant domestic workers, ETHOS WP 6.2

DUPONT, Pier-Luc (2018)  Political discourses on educational justice and Muslims in the UK, ETHOS WP 4.3

HARTMAN, Claudia, Pier-Luc DUPONT and Bridget ANDERSON (2018) UK report on the discursive construction of justice in politics, ETHOS WP 4.2.

ANDERSON, Bridget, Dora-Olivia VICOL, Pier-Luc DUPONT & Julia MORRIS (2018) Political representation and experienced recognition among Roma in the UKETHOS WP 5.2.

ANDERSON, Bridget, Sara ARAÚJO, Laura BRITO, Mehmet ERTAN, Jing HIAH, Trudie KNIJN, Isabella MEIER and Maddalena VIVONA (2018) Reference document on the histories of minoritisation in Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom, ETHOS WP5

ANDERSON, Bridget and Pier-Luc DUPONT (2018) How does it feel to be a problem?” What we can learn about Justice as Political Representation from empirical case studies, [External site link] ETHOS Deliverable 5.2

ANDERSON, Bridget, Claudia HARTMAN and Trudie KNIJN (2017) Conceptualisation and articulation of justice: Justice in social theory, [External site link] ETHOS Deliverable 5.1

The following publication will be available soon:

Bridget Anderson (forthcoming)  Justice, care and personal assistance, ETHOS Deliverable 5.3


This project is associated with the MMB Challenge on Bodies, borders, justice